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Supercloud Body Serum

Supercloud Body Serum

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An exquisitely light-as-air, all-in-one daily treatment that instantly delivers deep hydration, cloud-like softness, even texture & glow. Globally curated superfruits such as Dragonfruit and Japanese Yuzu, superplants Red Algae, Sea Moss and White Peony + face-grade actives Niacinamide, Mandelic Acid, Maltobionic Acid, Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid + 3 different chains of Ceramides help fill essential nutrient gaps and delay signs of aging.

Hero ingredient Copper Peptides, usually reserved for face-grade formulas, are incredibly effective in promoting collagen and elastin production, essential for firmness and elasticity, and aid in protecting skin from free radical damage.

The natural powder blue hue comes from anti-inflammatory Japanese Indigo Leaf. Dermatologist Tested. Vegan. Gluten & Cruelty Free. Phthalate & Paraben Free. pH 5.0-5.5. Fragrance Free. Exceptional for dry, acne prone and sensitive skin.

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