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Sofie Pavitt Clean Clean Cleanser

Sofie Pavitt Clean Clean Cleanser

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A gentle hydrating cleanser that provides the superior clean of a gel, but leaves skin soft and supple like a cream.


As creator aesthetician Sofie Pavitt likes to say, “this is the gel cleanser that thinks it’s a cream.” Appropriate for all skin types and developed with blemish-prone and sensitive complexions in mind, this lightly lathering wash is easy on skin like a cream cleanser but leaves behind no film or residue. The gel formula won’t dry or strip and delivers a thorough clean.


  • Created by an aesthetician specializing in problematic skin
  • Deep cleans without stripping or drying
  • Humectant glycerin binds water to the skin and helps it retain moisture
  • Panthenol helps protect and calm
  • Allantoin keeps skin moisturized while helping to prevent dryness and irritation
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