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WIND DOWN with This After-Work Flow

After a full day of “functioning person” cosplay (aka work), it’s nice to have a wind-down routine to signal your body and mind that it’s time to relax.

Currently, we love this these stretches flow from Jacqui Kingswell, founder of The Pilates Class.

“After-work stretches are incredibly important,” Jacqui says. “Often, we’re unaware of the tension our bodies hold, whether from hunching our shoulders forward over a desk or slouching into one hip while standing. It’s crucial to come home and dedicate time to stretching, allowing you to release tension, reset your shoulders, improve posture, and cultivate healthier habits.”

Ready to chill? Follow along with the video below.

The Moves

1. Interlaced fingers back stretch
2. Lateral tricep stretch
3. Forward fold hamstring stretch
4. Alternating glute stretch
5. 90/90 hip mobility stretch

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