Why We Love To Multi Mask

Here’s a quick guide to multi-masking:

Multi-masking is, as you can probably guess, using more than one mask. We do this as part of out self-care-Sunday wellness routine, and typically use three different masks. There are two main ways to do it that both allow us to customize our routine and target multiple issues.

1. Do several masks back to back. To be clear, this means applying one mask all over the face, letting it sit for the recommended amount of time, rinsing it off, and following with a different mask.

Tip: Before getting started, we recommend gently exfoliating to help clear away any buildup that could block the masks from penetrating your skin. Or, use an exfoliating mask as the first mask in your lineup.

2. Apply different masks to specific regions of the face at the same time. This way is great when we don’t have time to do each mask on its own or if different areas of our face need more targeted treatment.

Tip: We’ve found that this works especially well when we are dealing with breakouts. We can spot treat areas prone to flare-ups with a deep-pore, cleansing mask and then use a gentler, hydrating mask on the rest of our face.

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