Why It's Important To Keep The Air In Your Home Clean

Since so much in life is out of our control, we like to be proactive wherever possible.

Enter: optimal air quality.

If this invisible element of your home hasn’t been on your list of priorities, it’s OK. Breathe in … breathe out. Today is a good day to take stock and get your abode dialed in.

A top-notch air purifier is a form of self-care in our book. Once you have a good one, you can’t imagine what life was like before.

Blueair purifiers are Wylde Grey’s favorite for many reasons, especially since learning that poor air quality can have a negative effect on our skin and energy levels. We really love this product as part of our essential beauty arsenal.

Studies have shown a strong association between air pollution and accelerated aging. With this information, we (of course) immediately began searching for the best air purification system we could get our hands on.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to look too far, as Blueair is the only brand with a HEPASilent(™) dual filtration system. The Blue Pure 411i Max purifier cleans air efficiently and quietly, using less energy than HEPA filtration alone.

Its notable quietness makes this model perfect for rooms where you don’t want to compete with background noise. Most people start with one in their bedroom, fall in love with the improved air quality, and then get one for all the other major areas of their home.

This model can help clear the air of cooking odors, dust, pet dander, and mold, which is particularly helpful for people with allergies who are sensitive to pollen and dust in general. During times when there are wildfires, keeping the windows closed and using this purifier to filter smoke particles is also key during the summer months.

Although our running wish list is long, air quality kind of trumps all. Our 2024 goals of sleeping better, making healthy choices, and having glowing skin are now within reach. Maybe with our newly purified air, we’ll finally get around to those early morning meditations.


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