From the Rise of Nontoxic Fragrances to Strawberry Makeup’s Unlikely Staying Power: Six TikTok Beauty Trends to Watch - Wylde Grey

From the Rise of Nontoxic Fragrances to Strawberry Makeup’s Unlikely Staying Power: Six TikTok Beauty Trends to Watch

Data from Trendalytics indicates niche ingredients like sea buckthorn berry and hypochlorous acid are going mainstream, while last year's "strawberry makeup" has hit a new peak this spring.


Here, six rising TikTok beauty trends to watch this summer, per Trendalytics.

1. Hypochlorous acid spray


  • Total posts: 31 million
  • Total views: 78.2 million
  • Google searches: +234 percent year-over-year

Hypochlorous acid, an antimicrobial ingredient that first trickled into TikTok skin care discourse in 2022 with Tower 28’s SOS Rescue Spray launch, is going more mainstream now thanks to brands’ increasing incorporation of the ingredient.

 “Few ingredients represent the appetite for chemical and medical treatments in daily beauty regimens like hypochlorous acid spray,” said Michael Appler, Trendalytics’ director of communications. While Tower 28 has pioneered the trend, Appler said Magic Molecule and Peace Out Skincare are other key brand drivers of the ingredient on social, with the latter recently inducting a Redness + Clarifying Mist which blends the active with zinc and arnica to address inflammation

2. Sea buckthorn berry

  • Views: 2.9 million total, +11 percent this month
  • Google searches: +189 percent year-over-year

Part of a broader online trend toward natural beauty ingredient discourse, sea buckthorn berry is gaining traction on TikTok with one brand in particular — 2009-founded skin care and supplement line Sibu — seeing a surge alongside the trend. The brand, which sells direct-to-consumer and on Amazon, incorporates the moisture-boosting fruit in face oils, creams and ingestibles including a sea buckthorn berry puree and capsules.


3. Milky toners


  • Views: 36.29 million total, +8 percent this month
  • Key brands: Rhode, Ilia Beauty, Farmacy

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Driven by launches from Hailey Bieber’s Rhode, Ilia Beauty and, most recently, Farmacy’s Honey Milk Hydrating Essence, mentions and engagement surrounding Milky toners are up. To their benefit, these offerings tend to incorporate ingredients that have similarly crept into the mainstream in recent years — ceramides, squalane and the like — and are forging the fledgling essence-toner category (a staple in K-beauty) in the U.S.


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4. Airbrush Eyebrows


  • Views: 340,000 total, +12 percent this month
  • Google searches: +12,000 percent year-over-year

The next evolution of eyebrow tinting has arrived in the form of airbrushed brows. Still nascent, the technique involves “spraying an airbrush mist directly onto the brows, forming crisp edges and a gradient effect,” Appler said. The trend is presently isolated to the coasts — particularly Florida, which Appler said is consistent with early-stage trends — and offers a look akin to that of the 2010s-era Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow look, lasting between 10 days and six weeks per treatment.


5. Nontoxic fragrances

  • Views: 5.4 million total, +4 percent week-over-week
  • Google searches: +200 percent year-over-year
  • Views for…

At-home fragrance making: 32 million

Making perfume with essential oils: 24 million

Making perfume with flowers: 14 million

A cohort of conscious consumers are increasingly turning their attention to the fragrance category, not only sharing recommendations for products that forgo phthalates, parabens and other potentially harmful synthetic ingredients — brands like By/Rosie Jane, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Henry Rose and, more recently, Bella Hadid’s ‘Ôrebella dominate those conversations — but also how to make perfume at home. Videos tagged #DIYPerfume count roughly 6.8 million views, mainly demonstrating how to blend essential oils at home to create one’s own signature scent or emulate existing fragrances.

6. Strawberry makeup (yes, still)

  • Views: 742.6 million, +11.6 million this month

Unlike the brief relevance of its latte makeup, office siren makeup and tomato girl makeup counterparts, TikTok’s strawberry makeup trend has maintained rare longevity. Despite the trend’s initial emergence last summer, Google searches for strawberry makeup only spiked this spring, up 248 percent in April versus during the trend’s inception.

The trend’s recent boost is in part thanks to a viral video by user @taontm in which she used a single lipstick shade on one’s lips, cheeks, lids, forehead and nose in lieu of a traditional full face of makeup — prompting droves of users to do the same and ushering in the next iteration of a strawberry makeup look.

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