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Simple Ways to Feel Good Before You Go to Bed

PSA: We’re going to bed—without our phones.
There’s a time and bplace for screens, and it’s not before bed.
Yet, something like 90% of Americans use their smartphones before bed, making it tough to get the quality rest that is crucial for our health.
So step away from that blue ligh,t and try one of these activities before bed instead. A more restful night of sleep awaits.
Pick up a paperback. 
Bedtime stories aren’t just for the kids. Research (suggests that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by nearly two-third, and reading a book in bed can help improve sleep quality.
And while e-readers are convenient, choosing a good old-fashioned paperback book is likely the best way to go. Reading a paper book about an hour before bedtime can help signal to our brains that it’s time to wind down. Studies have also found that the tactile experience of reading paper books helps us remember more of what we read, improves our ability to concentrate, and even increases our empathy.

And for those of us who struggle with existential dread before bed, reading can also help distract us from our worries, thus easing the transition into sleep.
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