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MOLECULAR HYDROGEN Can Save Your Skin and Your Gut

Staying hydrated and fully functional from the inside out is the best way to keep up energy, boost beauty, keep lymph flowing, support immunity, and so much more. So why wouldn’t we want to add powerful things to our water that uplevel our efforts?

Molecular hydrogen isn’t a brand-new supplement on the market, but we think it deserves a lot more attention. We got the juicy intel from Robert Slovak, an earlier developer of reverse osmosis, a mechanical, aeronautical and astronautical engineer, founder of Water & Wellness, and someone who played a part in the development of the very first hydrogen tablet.

“Molecular hydrogen is a gas (H2), simply two hydrogen molecules bound together. The hydrogen molecule contains two protons and two electrons making it a neutrally-charged molecule. It is the smallest molecule in the universe, and its extremely small size and high lipid solubility allow it to diffuse into the subcellular compartments of the mitochondria easily and pass through the blood brain barrier,” Robert explains.

Which is kind of a big deal.

Some of the many reasons H2 water is so next level is that it supports cardiometabolic function, oxygen utilization, and improved recovery times, making it super beneficial to athletes and, truthfully, any active person.

Robert also breaks down that H2 water:

  • “Is supportive to those with neurodegenerative conditions (as it is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier to exert its selective anti-oxidant effects).
  • Important for travel, as H2 can be protective against radiation exposure.
  • Acts as an immune modulator, so it is supportive to those with chronic immune deficiencies.
  • Is excellent for anyone with GI dysfunction or digestion concerns. H2 is among the most bioavailable and most mobile molecules in a world where our guts have been under assault by glyphosate, unhealthy food, etc.
  • Acts as a selective anti-oxidant versus an indiscriminate antioxidant, which is a key distinction.”

Also … 

Expect beauty benefits.

It’s not just a water additive for ingestion. Robert is a huge fan of his Relief soaking tablets, which are healing in the bath and great for applying directly to the face.

“H2 supports the proper acid mantle in the skin (barrier against pathogens), while the H2 gas penetrates the tissues. It also delivers bioavailable magnesium,” Robert tells us, and if you’ve been around here a while, you know how we feel about magnesium

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