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Clean-ish SPFs You'll Actually Enjoy Wearing

Every derm we’ve ever spoken to agrees that wearing SPF every day is one of the best things we can do for our skin.

Even if we think we don’t need it, we absolutely do. Shielding our skin from the sun not only helps protect from skin cancer, it also helps prevent premature aging, lines, and wrinkles.

However, it’s difficult to commit to a product that’s greasy, pills under makeup, causes breakouts, and/or leaves a white cast behind. This is especially true when it comes to “clean” sunscreens, which have a reputation for all of the above.

But fret not! We’ve come up with a list of cool, clean-ish sunscreens that deserve a spot in any girl’s bag.

Why clean-ish?

“Clean” isn’t a term that is regulated by the FDA. What we mean by “clean” is that our chosen sunscreens don’t contain chemicals like oxybenzone, enzacamene, and octinoxate. These are chemical sunscreens that work by absorbing UV rays. Recent research suggests that we absorb these chemicals into our bloodstream, which may have negative health effects.

All products below are physical SPFs, which form a barrier between your skin and the sun that reflects the light. The sun protection comes from zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Another bonus: Mineral formulas tend to be less irritating than chemical ones.

Read on for our picks.



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