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An Ultrasound For Your Face?

Often, there is a barrier to entry when it comes to the latest and greatest skincare treatments. Although we may not be willing (or able to splurge), we definitely still want to know about the latest technology in skincare maintenance.

Enter: Sofwave.

We learned about this new technology from Melissa Haloossim, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Director / Cofounder of SkinThesis based in West Hollywood.

Sofwave is an FDA-cleared, noninvasive treatment that lifts the skin on the face and neck. This ultrasound technology heats collagen at precisely the right temperature on a deep cellular level, triggering a healing response. The brain sends white blood cells to that area, which naturally boost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

The best part? You can walk out of your 45-minute appointment and carry on with your day—no healing time necessary.

Melissa tells us that most of her clients come for this treatment once per year, and results show around 12 weeks after the appointment. For more mature skin, this treatment effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lifting areas around the lips, eyebrows, cheeks, and neck.

And just like that, we’re fully in the loop with what’s going on in Hollywood. Of course, since it’s new technology, the treatments are still expensive. But, as always, a girl can dream!

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