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Acne-Safe Sunscreens

By now, we know that sunscreen is a necessity in our skincare routine.

But for us acne folk, SPF can be yet another contributor to breaking out. Superfluous ingredients in many sunscreens are notorious for causing clogged pores, so finding one that is acne-safe is no small feat.

Worry not! Wylde Grey did the research, so you don’t have to.

First rule of sunscreen for acne: Find an SPF that contains zinc, an incredible ingredient that shields skin from harmful UV rays and soothes acne irritation and inflammation. These will likely be mineral sunscreens, which are definitely going to feel a bit thicker (thanks to the zinc). Most are tinted, as zinc is known to leave a white film on the skin.

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Total Protection Face Shield Flex SPF 50

Price: $54


This is, hands down, the best sunscreen if you are looking for buildable, medium coverage. A sunscreen-foundation hybrid, this SPF is viral for a reason. It covers imperfections and doesn’t clog pores. It washes off easily and is great for days when you want a bit more coverage. It’s also the only tinted SPF I tried that comes in four shades to better match your actual skin tone.

Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

Price: $43

Elta MD

The only non-tinted SPF to make the list, this longtime favorite of mine (and Kourt) is a transparent, oil-free sunscreen, meaning it has zero white cast. It doesn’t feel thick or cakey, and it even contains lactic acid to help clear pores while wearing it.

Physical Protectant Broad Spectrum SPF 45

Price: $48

Jan Marini

This is the tinted SPF I reach for the most. It has a blurring effect, so it doesn’t cover every imperfection like the Colorescience option, but it does provide slight coverage. It’s definitely on the thicker side, which is a bit trickier to remove. But overall, I love the glow it gives my skin when I wear it.

Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF 50

Price: $42


Another tinted SPF that gives minimal coverage without looking like you’re wearing makeup, this sunscreen has a megadose of 21% zinc, making it my top choice for a day spent at the beach or by the pool. And it offers a nice roster of other good-for-your-skin ingredients. But steer clear if your skin is on the drier side.

Sunbetter Tone Smart SPF 75

Price: $75


As far as tinted SPFs, you really can’t go wrong with this. It offers lighter coverage than Colorescience, more coverage than Jan Marini and Clearstem, and it’s free of pore-clogging oils. This is actually the perfect coverage for me, and SPF 75 is *chefs kiss.*


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