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8 PRODUCTS People With Sensitive Skin Should Know About

Navigating ingredient labels on personal care products can make one spiral out. 

Perhaps you had a moment of clarity when you pinpointed the specific ingredient causing all of your annoying skin irritations. You’re sure it was the synthetic fragrance. So, you toss everything with fragrance on the label, only to find the same subtle symptoms—small bumps on your skin or slightly puffy eyelids. 

So you keep scanning the ingredient labels.

When you go down the rabbit hole and really start examining all the ingredients, you discover the existence of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate, a common chemical compound used to make suds or foam in products like detergent and shampoo).

“Sodium lauryl sulfate may sound harmless, but its tiny size and powerful cleaning abilities can actually irritate your skin,” says Emily Spilman, Program Manager for Health Living Science at Environmental Working Group “This ingredient has a knack for penetrating between skin cells, leading to potential sensitivity issues. That’s why most skincare products only include SLS in wash-off products, like cleaners, rather than leave-on ones.”

It’s nearly impossible to navigate all of these ingredient labels alone, and that’s why we’re here. We care about anything we use on a daily basis, especially like products that touch our skin, mouth, vagina—you get the picture.

Below are swaps to try if you have sensitive skin—everything from laundry detergent to toilet paper to makeup remover. Scroll down for eight SLS-free recommendations!

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