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7 Ways To Enhance Your Spiritual Gifts

Do you ever notice that you have gone about your day feeling ‘flighty’ or ‘on edge’? Or have you ever spent a day feeling disconnected and simply going through the motions? If this sounds familiar, it is likely you weren’t grounded during these times. Being grounded can be described as a state when your body and mind are connected and you are living life in the present moment. This is the ideal state of being and we want to remain here as much as possible in our daily lives as there are many benefits that come from being truly in the here and now. 

Here, Wylde Grey shares with you 7 unique ways to enhance your spiritual gifts in the words of, and as shared by the one, the only Shaman Durek --  a 6th generation shaman, author of best seller “Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World,” and a visionary for the Now Age.

1. Fluid Journaling
"Instead of writing, use watercolors to express your emotions on paper daily. Watch the colors merge and transform, just like your feelings. It's really fun and helps clear energy and create art."
2. Dream Weaving
"Before sleep, set an intention to receive guidance through dreams. In the morning, sketch or note or symbols or emotions you recall. Decode your spiritual messages."
3. Energetic Cooking
"Infuse your meals with intention. As you cook, chant, sing, or simply send love to your food. Consume this energy with every bite or share it with friends."
4. Universe Mailbox
"Write letters to the universe. Share your dreams, challenges, or gratitude and appreciation.Mail it to yourself then, bury it with and offering such as seeds or rice or safely burn them, sending your messages into the air, ocean or to the cosmos."
5.Masked Reflections
"Craft a mask representing an emotion or challenge. great kids however adults can as well its for everyone.Wear it, dance, chant, or meditate, embodying that energy. Give into its avatar until no longer being needed. It is very shamanic and fun. Then, visualize its transformation."
6. Crystal Scavenger Hunt
"Hide a crystal in your space with friends. Then, tell your friend it to meditate and focus their intuition to guide them to it. Tell them to trust what you feel. Play! even if you don't get it at first, eventually you will."
7.Energy Weaving
"Take up knitting or weaving with the intention of embedding each stitch with love, hope, or healing. Gift or wear these energy-infused creations. These become medicine quilts or sweaters or healing gloves. It is a great way to build a family treasure that can be passed down. Or keep hand when some may need healing . You will say, "Wear these medicine gloves until you get better." Every time they use your knitted glove, they increase in power.
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