A Wireless LED Face Mask with 7 Treatment Options

A woman taking a selfie with her phone. Wylde Grey A Wireless LED Face Mask with 7 Treatment Options

The the latest and greatest in light therapy masks, introducing the wireless LED face mask with 7 treatment options! Upgrade your skincare routine with the led mask that every cool girl is talking about!

Read on to see why everyone is obsessing over this LED face mask.

The Mirabella Phototherapy 7 Color LED Facial Mask is a game-changer in skincare. With its red light to boost blood flow and collagen, blue light to combat acne, yellow light to reduce redness, green light to calm inflammation, cyan light to brighten skin, orange light to even skin tone, and purple light to improve vitality, this mask has got it all. Plus, it’s cordless and designed with built-in cushions for ultimate comfort. Say hello to glowing skin while you multitask! and incorporate it into your skincare routine.

Yes, seven. And each light comes with its own roster of light therapy the benefits in this wireless led face mask are endless

Red light: Can help support increased blood flow and promote collagen
Blue light: Aids in combating acne and tightening skin
Yellow light: Can help reduce redness and smoothing the skin
Green light: Aids in calming the skin and reducing inflammation
Cyan light: Can help treat acne and brighten skin
Orange light: Can help support even skin tone and help to reduce wrinkles
Purple light: Can help improve skin vitality and lymph metabolism

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