*This* Is the Right Way To Do a Squat

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Proper form is the “wear SPF†of the fitness world—it’s always necessary. Not only does using proper form help you get the most out of every move, it also helps you avoid injury. Nobody has time for that!  So, we asked Colette Dong, cofounder of The Ness, to show us the right way to do common workout moves.  First up: the humble squat.  “Today, I’m going to take you through perfect squat form,†Colette says. “Why do we care? The squat is the base of many movements we do during exercise. So it’s really important to get it right. It involves our entire body, and we don’t want to get injured.â€Â 

Press play on the video to see Colette demo perfect squat form, and follow the steps written out below. Perfect Squat Form 1. Stand with your feet about hip-distance apart, toes facing forward. 2. Send your hips back and down—like sitting into a chair—with knees tracking directly over your toes. 3. Press up through your heels, and engage your glutes as you return to a standing position. “You want to think about your big toe mounds coming in and your knees going out, so you have a nice oppositional spiral,†Colette says.  4. If you find yourself overarching your back, do a simple exhale. This will bring your torso and your lower abs in towards your spine, helping to keep your torso long.