THE 3-2-8 METHOD Will Make You Feel “Snatched and Strong” 

A woman in white shorts and bra standing up. Wylde Grey THE 3-2-8 METHOD Will Make You Feel “Snatched and Strong”
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TikTok has presented us with a lot of, um, questionable fitness trends. So when the 3-2-8 Pilates method started taking over our FYP, our interest was piqued, but we approached it with caution. The LAST thing we need is another unsustainable, unhealthy workout craze. Thankfully, this method is not that.

It takes a balanced approach to fitness and, unlike another numerically-based TikTok workout, it doesn’t require a treadmill or any other workout machine. The 3-2-8 method was created by Pilates and barre instructor Natalie Rose who says it “will leave you feeling snatched and strong†with noticeable results in just three months. Basically, it’s a simple formula to help structure your workouts for the week: Three days of weighted workouts, two days of Pilates or barre, and an average of 8,000 steps per day. This well-rounded approach helps ensure you don’t overtrain or burn out. It also encourages you to incorporate different modalities into your fitness routine—something we can all benefit from.

Let’s break each of the goals down:

3 Strength Workouts per Week:
No, you don’t have to grab a barbell and start talking about swolemates (unless you want to, then go for it!). Rose explains that the goal is to do compound exercises, like squats and lunges, with weights three times a week. She adds that you can do one day of upper body, one day of lower body, and one day of full body movements. Every 4 to 6 weeks she recommends increasing the amount of weight you use. Weight training helps build muscle and bone density and boosts metabolism.

2 Pilates or Barre Workouts per Week:
You know we love our Pilates here at Poosh. Rose’s method includes two days of Pilates or barre on active recovery days. This low-impact workout is great for building core strength, improving mobility and flexibility, and reducing inflammation. It also activates and strengthens smaller muscle groups that don’t typically get worked with compound exercises, which helps improve stability and reduce the risk of injury.

8,000 Steps per Day (on average):
Rose recommends getting in an average of 8,000 steps per day, including the days you do strength training and Pilates. She adds that this can help you burn around 300 extra calories per day. Of course, it’s not all about burning calories. Walking is one of the best exercises we can do that’s easier on the body than high-impact cardio.