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Sofie Pavitt Face Nice Ice Frozen Toner Pods

Sofie Pavitt Face Nice Ice Frozen Toner Pods

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Twelve individually wrapped cryo-toning treatments that help reduce inflammation, calm redness, hydrate, de-puff, and illuminate.

Created by a master aesthetician and inspired by cryotherapy, these innovative pods work to quickly soothe irritation from breakouts, procedures, or sun-exposure, de-puff under-eyes, and increase circulation for a brighter, fresher complexion. Store them in the freezer, place on a cotton pad, and massage in whenever skin could use calming and revitalizing.

  • Created by an aesthetician specializing in problematic skin
  • Cold helps tighten, illuminate, de-puff, and reduce inflammation
  • Glycerin helps improve barrier function
  • Ashwagandha protects from environmental stress
  • Niacinamide works to moisturize and brighten
  • Antioxidant green tea extract helps calm inflammation and soothe irritation
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