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World’s most powerful facial toning device for younger skin


Whether your skin has issues with laxity, breakouts, dryness, or wrinkles, this nanocurrent device aims to support collagen and elastin to address these issues and leave your skin brighter and more supple in the process. The Halo—developed by legendary electrical aesthetician Melanie Simon—is new and improved: Powered by a high-tech switchboard and something called dual-waveform technology, it combines varying frequencies of nanocurrent and microcurrent for powerful results. It comes with a nourishing, skin-coddling conductive serum that’s a treatment in and of itself; apply it generously before using the Halo, which is incredibly easy to use. It’s preprogrammed with The Lift, a powerful four-minute freeform nanocurrent and microcurrent facial: Simply move the device upward—the motion sensors will connect and you’re on your way. For many more targeted skin-care treatments, full-on facials, and even long-term treatment plans, you can connect it to the ZIIP app on your phone and address skin concerns from sagging and dullness to breakouts. You can use the Halo up to six times a week (day or night), weekly, or monthly; we recommend using three to five times a week consistently for six weeks—the results are incredible.

The kit includes:

  • One bottle of Electric Complex Gel
  • One ZIIP Halo device