“Volubilis” Atmosphère de Chambre



From his studio, showroom and boutique in Copenhagen, Oliver Gustav creates spellbinding and peaceful interiors, cultivating serene ambience through a nimble vocabulary of light, shadow, scale and texture. His unique home fragrances are imbued with a melange of discovery and nostalgia, channeling places of inspiration and interest and delight to envelop the senses in fragrant comfort. This 100ml spray bottle fragrances the home with essential oils. *Please be mindful not to spray directly on delicate objects, as oil may stain. The 100ml spray bottle allows you to refresh your space with fragrance.

The Volubilis Atmosphère de Chambre from Journey by Oliver Gustav is inspired by Moroccan mint and the airy aroma of clean, sunbathed linens. This scent invokes travels to the picturesque hills of ancient Volubilis draped in fresh green mint and intense oleander.

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