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Vapour Mesmerize Mascara, what is It? Clean mascara that lengthens, defines and builds fluttery lashes. Activated with untamed botanicals. What does it do for me? Full, glossy, jet black lashes. Conditions and softens with Acacia flower + Jojoba for lashes that are never crunchy. No flaking, no clumps and never irritating. Vapour Mesmerize Mascara activated with Untamed Botanicals Lash-conditioning Acacia Flower Moisturizing, protective Jojoba oil Nourishing, soothing Amino Acids Unscented Deliberately Sustainable Beegan – Vegan Friendly + Ethically-Sourced Organic Beeswax (No bees are harmed!) Vapour Mesmerize Mascara FSC Certified paper box Always Cruelty Free


About the Vapor Beauty Products


Formulas You Trust

Vapour does NOT contain questionable ingredients often found in other cosmetics. Created without the 1400+ ingredients banned in the EU.

Intentionally Plant Derived

Our Ingredients are responsibly sourced and have the best environmental ratings. When choosing ingredients, we always consider the impact of our choices on habitat, water supplies and aquatic life.

Respectfully Anhydrous

Water is a precious and limited resource. That’s why we’ve formulated 92% of our products without it. We use it where it’s appropriate—not as an easy filler

Ever Evolving – Vapour products are on a never-ending journey towards living in harmony with the Earth. They believe in being unconventionally clean, deliberately sustainable and always bring your skin-honoring makeup that reveals, never hides.