Golde – Super-Ades Kit


Real superfoods meet proven active ingredients for a fun, easy boost. Discover all 3 Super-Ades in this limited time bundle.

Each Kit Contains:
1 box Blueberry Calm Ade
1 box Pineapple Debloat Ade
1 box Watermelon Glow Ade


Each box contains 8 single-serving stick packs.
  • 8-count of Blueberry Calm Ade: Sip and chill with real blueberry juice, magnesium, and lemon balm extract. Natural blueberry flavor.
  • 8-count of Pineapple Debloat Ade: Sip and reset with real pineapple juice, probiotics, and pineapple digestive enzymes. Natural pineapple flavor.
  • 8-count Watermelon Glow Ade: Sip and glow with real pomegranate juice, hyaluronic acid, and amla berry extract. Natural watermelon flavor.