ORRIS Le Quartet Face and Body Cleansing Bar Box Set


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Experience Le Quartet — our bestselling collection of Face and Body cleansing bars, crafted from the highest quality oils, butters, and botanical ingredients. Used on the Face or the Body, each of our botanical soaps feature potent natural ingredients with specific skincare benefits: anti-inflammation, brightening, hydration, anti-acne, and more. The best way to experience the magic of our synergistic collection.Made in the South of France, our botanical cleansing bars are super-fatted to deposit nourishing plant lipids onto the surface of the skin. Our soaps are fabricated by hand using ancestral cold process methods and are cured for over 6 weeks to obtain the optimal gentle creamy lather.  



Set includes:

  • Le Botaniste: hydrating
  • La Déesse: detoxifying and purifying
  • Le Nomade: nourishing and antioxidant-packed
  • Le Soliste: conditioning and brightening

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