Neen Pretty Shady Pressed Pigment


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NEEN Pretty Shady Pressed Pigment work as both shadow and highlighter and come in a refillable, flexible, sustainable, incredibly tactile silicone compact. The NEEN Pretty Shady Pressed Pigment are created by famous makeup artist and Stila founder Jeanine Lobell, the colors are as universally flattering as they are chic. Beam is a gorgeous light pink-gold; Fury, a deep copper; Fade, a sparkling rose-brown; Faint, a metallic gold; and Glare, a pale silver. Use your fingers or a brush the NEEN Pretty Shady Pressed Pigment and apply, adding a bit of water for an even bolder look.

  • Made in USA


If someone or something is beautiful, they are very attractive or pleasing to look at. I’ve never seen a more beautiful view in my life. She’s a beautiful woman. People who are beautiful can also be called attractive or good-looking. NEEN Pretty Shady Pressed Pigment allows your beauty to shine.

Beauty is a mystery that has been with us for ages. Scholars and scientists have investigated its roots and effects, and its presence is ubiquitous. Has the construct of beauty changed over time? Is our
sense of beauty learned or innate? What is beauty, and can we quantify it?
Beauty has been part of human life throughout their long existence. Are there any descriptions of beautiful individuals in ancient cultures?