FEET The Everything Kit


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The Everything Kit is a complete system to hydrating, exfoliate, moisturize repair and freshen your feet.

Foot Peel Mask (2 Pairs)

Moisture repair freshen your feet to gently shed the old, dead, and callused skin to reveal exfoliated and softer feet within days.

Foot Scrub is formulated with a blend of pumice to remove tired skin and revitalize your feet in the shower.

Foot And Heel Cream is designed with manuka honey, squalane and other natural ingredients to soften and moisturize your feet and heels.

Foot Spray is a powerful foot deodorizer designed to provide the best odor eliminating and cooling sensation for your feet.

Hydrating Mask (3 Pairs)

Moisture repair freshen your feet and deeply hydrate your feet with our foot mask designed specifically to comfortably fit most feet. 

Moisture repair freshen your feet for foot health is not just about the feet – it’s a good indicator of overall health. For example, foot ulcers can be an indication of poorly managed diabetes.

Swelling, numbness, coldness and discolouration can be signs of numerous diseases, which is why a daily check of a person’s feet for changes or problems is so important.

Poor foot health can have emotional and psychological impacts. People may feel frustrated about being unable to move easily or embarrassed about foot odour. Their levels of pain ordiscomfort may be limiting their ability to participate in activities, reducing their enjoyment of life and self‑esteem.