Luxury Laundry Essentials Bundle


Luxury Laundry Essentials Bundle – Fresh Linen

L’AVANT Collective makes plant-based laundry detergent—it’s concentrated, so you need less than you think—that handles tough stains and keeps fabrics looking good. Here, it’s bundled together with a mesh laundry bag for delicates, linen essential oil, and wool dryer balls, which take the place of dryer sheets and last through up to 1,000 loads of laundry.

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Luxury Laundry Essentials Bundle – Fresh Linen

Enjoy the highest quality laundry experience with this luxurious bundle, crafted from the finest materials. Featuring L’AVANT premium laundry detergent for cleaning, 3 wool balls for drying, fresh linen oil for scent, and 2 mesh laundry bags to keep your garments secure, this bundle provides an elegant way to ensure your garments are well cared for.

L’AVANT your laundry space with this bundle.

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