Jillian Dempsey The Sculpt + Smooth Duo


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This iconic set includes depuffing, ultrahydrating prebiotic eye sheet masks and the famous twenty-four-karat-gold-plated vibrating T-bar to lift and sculpt. Made with hyaluronic acid and camelina oil, the sheet masks deliver cooling moisture and nutrients to skin—they’re great in the mornings, during a bath, or before going out. The vibrating roller takes that depuffing, smoothing, firming magic to the next level: You can roll right over the masks as you lift and sculpt your whole face, and the roller even helps drive all the goodness from the masks into your skin. Used together, these two will wake up your skin like nothing else.

  • Gold bar: 100% 24k gold, made in Japan
  • Eye mask: made in France
  • $270 value