High Frequency Wand


This tool will bring a jolt of excitement to any skincare lover. This multitasking wand is safe, gentle, and effective for the skin (plus, Kendall Jenner loves it). Use any of its four unique attachments to get radiant results.


Give the gift of skin that stays merry and bright to the friend or family member who loves a skincare gadget. This multitasking tool can energize the skin, reduce redness, and boost circulation.


High Frequency Wand

A safe and gentle High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment that oxygenates, rejuvenates and delivers targeted thermal energy to the skin, reducing redness and stimulating circulation. By heating the sebaceous glands, the HIFU treatment destroys acne-causing bacteria, smoothing skin texture and calming inflammation.


Argon (Violet) Wands: Great for killing bacteria and reducing breakouts as well as calming inflammation and redness.

  • Point Wand: Targets individual breakouts where concentration is needed.
  • Spoon Wand: For addressing general skin redness and inflammation.

Neon (Red) Wands: Great for improving cellular turnover, tissue rejuvenation and enhancing blood circulation. 

  • Mushroom Wand: Activates facial rejuvenation.
  • Comb Wand: Enhances hair growth and improves blood circulation.