Crown Affair – The Set


Set includes:

  • The Brush No. 001: handmade in Italy, boar bristle, nylon, wood
  • The Comb No. 001: hand-carved in Switzerland, 100% plant-based cellulose acetate
  • The Oil: cold-pressed Tsubaki Seed Oil, cold-pressed Meadowfoam Seed Oil
  • The Towel: 76% polyester, 24% polyamide


This chic pistachio-colored box contains four hair essentials: a classic boar-bristle brush, a detangling wide tooth comb, a silkifying hair serum, and a generous, quick-drying microfiber hair towel. The set works brilliantly no matter what your  hair type, whether it’s kinky, curly, wavy, or straight. The bonus: The jade-green three-minute hourglass is supposed to remind you to brush your hair (it’s so good for you) or simply take a small break. Either way, the box is the best gift ever for just about anyone…with hair.