Chord Incense Burner


Crafted by hand in natural brass, Chord by Cinnamon Projects is a functional incense burner designed with singular precision to enhance the ritual of everyday living. The shape is that of a perfect channel lifted from a circular, linear base, evoking the tension of dueling masculine and feminine geometric forms. The device is equal parts mindful, energetic totem, and practical tool that is simultaneously cleansed and activated by the incense smoke itself. Warm brass acts as a raw counterpoint to the stoic minimalism of the architectural form. A natural material, brass will patina and enrich with age and use. Pair with our first scent series in collaboration with Cinnamon Projects for an inspired and imaginative ceremony of fragrance within the home.



Chord Incense Burner, New York-based creatives, Andrew Cinnamon, and Charlie Stackhouse are motivated by a shared love of fragrance, artifacts, and image-making. Their “form follows function” mantra permeates every facet of the brand’s DNA from the materials to scent ideation and brand identity. Their ever-evolving collection of incense, oils, and objects honor the art of ancient ritual, making space to dream.