Aromatic Shower Steamer Set


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Aromatic Shower Steamer Set

Aromatic tablets infused with essential oils and dried botanicals come with a hand-carved Carrara marble holder, transforming any shower into a luxurious aromatherapy ritual. Each steamer—one smells of grounding calendula and palo-santo, the other of invigorating lavender and eucalyptus—lasts for two or three showers, and the handsome marble container makes any shower feel like a spa. (It also makes for a fabulously chic soap dish once you’re finished with the steamers.)


Carrara marble holder, 2-1 oz Eucalyptus/Lavender bars, 2-1 oz Calendula Palo Santo bars


Shannon Davenport’s career as a trend forecaster always had her researching the next big beauty trend—and as she learned about clean, non-toxic beauty, she fell in love. After getting certified as an aromatherapist, she began crafting benefit-packed body oils that powerfully nourish skin (and smell amazing). Each US-made formula focuses on a key essential oil—juniper, Cyprus, or carrot seed. And every bottle comes with a packet of wildflower seeds.