Act + Acre Cold Processed Hair Cleanse


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A plant-derived scalp and hair cleanse formulated with Apple Amino Acids (2%) that works to gently remove residue and balance the natural moisture of the scalp.

+ Gently breaks down dirt, oil + pollution
+ Replenishes vital nutrients to rebalance the scalp
+ Restores hydration levels of the scalp
+ Improves shine + health of new hair

The Scalp Science—
The scalp has a delicate microbiome and a low barrier function, meaning that it has difficulty maintaining + replenishing moisture. This can leave the scalp prone to dryness and irritation, and can often trigger an overproduction of sebum, resulting in an oily scalp for some.

Our cleanse contains a user-proven ingredient derived from Apple Amino Acids (2%) that reduces the negative impact of SLS (a common cleansing agent that strips the skin) and maintains the integrity of the scalp’s moisture barrier.

User Proven Results:
+ 89% agrees cleanse gently cleansed their scalp
+ 95% of build-up removed after one use