A woman in white dress sitting on top of a bath tub. Wylde Grey MUST-HAVES for a RELAXING SELF-CARE NIGHT

Consider this your reliable kit for nights you simply want to stay home and have time to yourself. In other words, JOMO (joy of missing out), the opposite of FOMO. Sometimes a relaxing evening doing well…nothing is just what your mind, body, and soul crave. Here’s everything you’ll need to create the most relaxing night in.

To start the chill-out process, unwind with CBD gummies. CBD is an anti-inflammatory that has been known to reduce anxiety and stress. Cue the relaxation mode. Next, move to your bathroom, draw a bath, and drop a bath bomb into your tub. Enjoy a peaceful soak infused with soothing scents, like jasmine and rose. After your bath, wrap yourself in a comfortable robe, because a night at home wouldn’t be complete without the luxury of lounging in your robe until sunrise.

For deeper relaxation—once you hop into bed—apply an essential oil (combined with drops of coconut oil) to your pressure points. This will naturally alleviate tension, thanks to its soothing and calming effects. Next, put on an LED light mask to give your complexion a spa-like treatment in the comfort of bed. LED light masks help firm the skin, even out skin tone, and kill pimple-causing bacterias, depending on which setting you use (we like this one from Mirabella Beauty).

While you’re masking, listen to your favorite e-book or lose yourself in a guided meditation.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your solo night of self-care. Happy unwinding.