Liquid Hair: The Glossy Hair Trend How-To

A woman with long hair and a black top. Wylde Grey Liquid Hair: The Glossy Hair Trend How-To

What Is Liquid Hair? 

Though you might be inclined to think that liquid hair has something to do with a saturated, wet look hairstyle, that’s definitely not the case. Rather, this shiny hair trend is all about capturing the essence of flowing water via your tresses. 

The finished look is typically straight, magnificently shiny, and ultra-soft to the touch. To pull it off, you’ll need medium to long strands that look and feel healthy and some styling know-how (more on that in a second).

How Is Liquid Hair Different From Glass Hair?

The goal of liquid hair is to create an ultra-shiny, sleek mane that still has lots of softness and movement to it. This is different from glass hair, which has more of a rigid texture and sharp quality to it, much like a glass pane. 

Another big difference is that glass hair tends to be shorter—often cut into a chic bob—to really emphasize the mirror-like sheen and razor-sharp ends. Conversely, liquid hair is generally longer, which adds to the effect of softly flowing water. 

Lastly, some say that even though liquid hair definitely looks glamorous, it’s not quite as high-maintenance or “done†compared to glass hair. Though it still requires some work to pull it off, it offers more of a casual-glam aesthetic. 

How Do You Achieve Liquid Hair?

At its core, liquid hair is hair that looks and feels its absolute healthiest. This means giving your strands all the TLC they need to feel and look shiny, soft, and silky. 

The first step is to use a shampoo and conditioning system that fosters strength and health,

In addition to starting with a base of healthy hair, there are some styling techniques required to get that water-like ebb and flow of liquid hair. Follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be on your way. 

Step One: Apply Frizz-Fighting Heat Protectant

Step Two: Blow Dry 

Step Three: Grab Your Flat Iron 

Step Four: Use A Finishing Product