Did You Know Boredom is Good for You?

A woman sitting on top of a counter under a blanket. Wylde Grey Did You Know Boredom is Good for You?

There’s nothing worse than being bored, right? Our “always-on,†extremely-online society tells us that boredom is a four-letter word and should be avoided at all costs.

But science says something different.

recent study explored how boredom is necessary in order to live our best lives. It found that profound boredom helped participants discover their “self-transformative potential, launching people into new passions and unforeseen life trajectories.â€


There are two different types of boredom: superficial and profound.


We can’t get to profound boredom without experiencing superficial boredom. Preventing superficial boredom by scrolling through social media and being “always on†can keep us from finding more meaningful things.

Thus, the authors of the study recommend resisting the urge to distract ourselves all the time, and instead, spend some time being bored