4 SELF-CARE THINGS to Do On a Plane

A person with a scarf and a phone Wylde Grey 4 SELF-CARE THINGS to Do On a Plane

If you’ve ever felt that airport-specific, overwhelming sense of ickiness that hits when you step off the plane, this one’s for you. We gathered our favorite in-flight self-care tips that help combat the causes of said icky feeling, like being forced to look at someone’s bare feet because they decided that an airplane is an OK place to remove both shoes and socks, or dried-out skin from the recycled air. Plus, we’ve added the products we never travel without. 

1. Chill out

Pack a sleep mask so you can take a cat nap (and spare yourself the aforementioned bare-feet sighting). 

2. Take your supplements

Planes are notoriously a) stressful and b) germ-y. Antiviral mushrooms are the perfect precautionary boost, and adaptogens can help balance cortisol levels and keep you calm, cool, and collected. 

3. De-puff

Fight back against cabin pressure-induced puffiness—and keep your hands busy at the same time—with skincare tools that promote better circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

4. Freshen up

Emerge from the plane glowy and refreshed—instead of dehydrated and with that post-flight gross feeling—with these essentials. Use the mini, portable face cleansing stick after the seatbelt sign goes off to remove any makeup and create a clean slate for a hydrating, glow-inducing serum duo.