Three naked women in a pool of water Wylde Grey 10 WELLNESS PREDICTIONS for 2024

When it seems like we’ve seen it all in wellness and beauty, there is always something new. That’s what we love about our world. We never get bored. 

Scientific discoveries beget revolutionary benefits beget trends. And word spreads fast on the World Wide Web. Although some of these aren’t totally original concepts, they are more accessible, plausible, and they’re picking up steam. Expect to see and/or experience these in the next year for sure.

1. Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Sure, we’re still getting end-of-the-week massages when tension hits. But whenever we can, we’ve been opting for a sensorial float in a lukewarm, ambiently-lit (with eye mask option for total darkness) magnesium float. We are truly away from other people, other energy, and our devices for up to an hour, and it’s pure bliss. Plus, the transdermal absorption of magnesium gives us a double dose of relaxation and blissful sleep to follow. Pause Studio is one of our favorite destinations with locations all over Los Angeles and coming soon to Newport Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

2. Wellness Vacations

Trust us when we say that we like to eat our way through vacation just like the rest of ‘em. Cocktails, dancing, late nights, live music, wandering streets at our leisure to experience another culture … of course! But we are also penciling in time for total mind-and-body reset trips as well—vacations geared towards grounding, eating nutrient-dense detox foods, moving our bodies, and understanding our natural world. Starbathing, meditative mountain retreats, wild animal sanctuary tours, and more are on our list. 

If you read Poosh at all, you know we are serious about our hydration. But it’s not just about drinking water. It’s about drinking the best water. Showering in the best water. Washing our face and brushing our teeth with pure, uncontaminated, nourishing H2O. We’re definitely going to see an uptick in systems like alkalizers, water vortexers (hello, structured water) as well as showerhead filters, and even sink filters for your face and teeth.

4. Advanced Wearable Health Tech

We can’t go to a Pilates class without seeing everyone else in the Oura ring. But of course, due to the wild success of a chic wearable, we’re positive there will be many more gadgets out there to track much more than our sleep and heart rate. Brain waves, energy stores, accurate calories burned, etc. We’re on the edge of our seats for what’s in store.

5. Un-Tabooing Psilocybin 

“You seem so chill!†Thanks. We microdosed today. While us hippies in California are pretty much veterans when it comes to the power of mushrooms, even the magic variety, the rest of the country is about to catch up. We can’t wait til everyone and their (literal) mom is experimenting (safely) with the stuff. From micro to hero doses, there is a lot to gain.

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This term comes with its own little masculine edge due to male-dominated health podcasts touting biohacking methods not studied in relation to the female body and its cycles. However, not all biohacks are totally out of the question for women. In fact, it typically just takes a little bit of cycle-synching to understand how and when to practice certain biohacks. We can’t wait to learn about so many more in 2024.

7. Cryo and Cold Water Therapy

While this concept is far from new, we think it will be far more accessible to the average jane in the coming year. We see it not being restricted to wellness studio memberships and the wealthy, but rather, something people will be toying with in their own backyards and humble bathrooms. Lymphatic fitness, muscle recovery, and mental health bennies for all.

8. Restrictive Diets Out. Adding What You Need. 

Bye-bye for good, diet culture as we know it. We are so done limiting ourselves. Being hungry has never really been cool. But now? We aren’t focusing on a deficit. We are focusing on rich, beautiful, proper nutrition. What can we add to our day rather than subtract? Our skin, our muscles, our sleep, our metabolism, and our immunity will all thank us for this.

9. Passionate Oral Care 

When we were kids, brushing and flossing was drilled into us as a chore. Do it so you can avoid bad news at the dentist. Well, now that we know that many more facets of our overall health stem from the health status of our mouths, we’re seeing oral hygiene become just as exciting (and rewarding) as skincare. In fact, the oral microbiome is responsible for a large part of our systemic health. Plus, who doesn’t love pearly whites and the freshest breath? Don’t forget to oil pull.

10. More Protein

Protein isn’t just another macro. Want a zippy metabolism? Up that protein. Want to actually witness those gains? Protein. Sharper memory? Protein. Longer hair? Protein, protein, protein. We predict that protein will be huge on everyone’s list next year, and we can’t wait to see how new products make it easier for us to get a whopping daily dose.